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Install VPN-X Server/Client

Friday, 25 February 2011

Install VPN-X Server/Client

System Requirements

Before you install VPN-X, you should verify VPN-X System Requirements:

  • CPU main frequency: >= 600MHZ.
  • Memory size : >=512M
  • Disk space: >= 512M
  • OS: Please refer to platforms which VPN-X supports.
  • Network (only for VPN-X server): You should have a public IP address for VPN-X server setup, dynamic public IP also works.

Install on Windows:

  • Get VPN-X installer package. You can download the latest VPN-X version on .
  • Follow the installation step Clicking on  Next.
  • Installer will help create a virtual VPN device. Please click “Continue Anyway”. Notes: Sometimes the “hardware installation” dialog is hidden by another window, you can minimize other window/dialog to find the “hardware installation” dialog.
  • win1

  • Click next until the install process is finished.

Install On Linux/FreeBSD

Run the following commands in a command terminal

modprobe tun
lsmod | grep tun

If you can get a reply like this (Don't care about the number)

debian:~# lsmod | grep tun
tun 10208 3

Congratulations! Your Linux kernel is ready for installing our VPN-X .

Download our VPN-X tar package and uncompress the package in some path.
debian:~#tar -xzvf  vpn-x*.tar.gz

start VPN-X Client by input command "sudo"
start VPN-X Server by input command "sudo"

For other configurations, please refer to the Windows configuration description

If you are using PC-BSD, please just download the VPN-X-*.PBI, and install PBI, clicking “next” will always work.

Install On Mac OS X

VPN-X supports Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard or above..

Install VPN-X Client:
Just click the “”.

Install VPN-X Server:
Just click the “”

Note: When you launch VPN-X first time, Mac OS X will ask you input your password, please input correctly.

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