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Connect to VPN with VPN-X Client

Monday, 28 February 2011

IMPORTANT!!! please note that You should not run VPN-X client/server on the same machine.

  • Click Desktop VPN-X Click Shortcut to start VPN-X client.

    • Vista (or above, such as Windows 7) user should use the administrator role to run VPN-X (just click the right button on the VPN-X shortcut link, and you will see the menu).

    • Linux should also use administrator/root to run VPN-X..


  • Fill in the VPN server host and port, user name and password and select the proper protocol.
    You can obtain all of this information from your VPN-X server administrator.

  • After inputting the correct information, you can login to the VPN.
    You can ping your Server VPN virtual IP) to verify whether the VPN works properly.


  • Enjoy the secure LAN/Intranet powered by VPN-X.
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