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Tune VPN-X performance

Monday, 28 February 2011

There are some parameters that can help VPN-X work in your way.

Important: All parameters are case sensitive. You should stop the VPN-X program before setting these advanced parameters in the configuration file.

VPN-X client configuration file:
VPN-X server configuration file:

Server side: The parameter can only be configured on server.
Both sides: The parameter must be configured on server and client side.

Heartbeat (Server Side): heartbeat interval. Default value is 10 seconds. This parameter was introduced in version For a small scale VPN, 10 is the best choice, but for a large scale (supports 20 concurrent clients or more), the value should be 20 or more.

Parameters Default Value Table

Windows 10
Linux 10
Mac OS X 10

NOTE: Beartbeat >=10, supported from

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