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Proxy server

Tuesday, 01 March 2011

Purpose: Let you access remote LAN computers with the special ports for example FTP, Web Server and Remote Desktop...

Note: With this method, you can only access some special applications.

Typical cases:

  • I just want to access the web server in our office LAN. When need to configure a proxy server before accessing that resource.

You can use third-party software to do that. VPN-X just helps you create a VPN for you and your proxy server.

There is a great software to do that, but not easy to configure:
Squid (

BirdsSoft can provide a Proxy solution for customers.

Proxy server provided by BirdsSoft supports:
HTTP Proxy, FTP Proxy, Socks 4/5, Telnet, Proxy,SMTP Proxy POP3 Proxy,TCP Map and UDP Map…
If you need this solution please contact us.

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