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Configuring VPN-X server as NAT server on Windows

Tuesday, 01 March 2011

Windows 2003, Mac OS X , FreeBSD and Linux supports acting as a NAT server. Unfortunately Windows XP does not support this method.

If you are using Windows 2003, please follow these steps:

  • Stop Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), and disable it.


  • Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Routing and Remote Access
    Open the configuration window like this.


  • Configure Routing and Remote Access


    Select Next and Select network address translation (NAT), then Next again.


    Keep in mind, the VPN-X virtual device is a virtual Network interface connection (NIC), but you can deal with it just like a real NIC.

    Choose the real NIC to be the public interface to the Internet. Windows will use the VPN-X NIC to be the private connection automatically.




    Next, finish the Windows NAT configuration. You can disable the NAT firewall or write an exception rule to make your NAT work properly. Note: The NAT firewall is not the same thing as Windows built-in general ICS firewall.

    The client does not know how to access the remote LAN through the VPN server, so you should add a route configuration for clients, and click “Apply”


    Add a route rule on “Client Route Table” for your VPN clients.

    metric: 20

    if you want to surf internet with server side IP, you should add route rule like this:

    metric: 1

    Don't forget to click "Apply". After change route setting, you’d better tell your clients to restart VPN-X client to make sure the new route rule is working.

Test your NAT server from VPN-X client

Run VPN-X client.
Assumed your VPN-X server public/Internet IP is

  • For SSL VPN:

    VPN Server host:
    VPN Server port: 25443
    protocol: TCP(SSL/TLS)
    user name and password

  • For P2P VPN:
    VPN Server host:
    VPN Server port: 25000
    protocol:  UDP
    user name and password

  • After your VPN-X clients logon VPN-X server, they will access your remote LAN easily.

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