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VPN-X Introduction

Friday, 18 March 2011

VPN-X:  Easy-Use Software Cross-platform  L2TP(IPsec)/P2P/SSL/TLS VPN Solution.

VPN-X can help employees on errands use company LAN resource(printers, application server, ERP or OA system...). All the network data is encrypted and you can control the special peers to access your computer or LAN with our powerful Access Control feature.

In other words, you can do almost anything LAN can do on Internet with VPN-X, VPN-X will help you to convert internet to secure LAN !!!

VPN-X Delopyment Scenarios:

  • Corporate Intranet and Extranet VPN infrastructure: Employees on errands can submit his report to ERP or OA(Office Automation) server and do remote print job easily and securely, just like he/she is in company local network) VPN-X will let your LAN applications run on internet securely without modifying any existing code, help you deploy your C/S system to anywhere you want.

  • VoIP over VPN: Let your VOIP application/system be unlimited. With VPN-X help , you need not to worry about your ISP force-out. All your VOIP data can be tunnelled securely.

  • Personal or family VPN: Play LAN games, share files, private chat.

  • Community-based VPN: Cooperation development, share files--SVN, CVS, Security chat.

  • Non-profit and organizational VPN: Let members access special resource from anywhere.
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