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Translate/Fix VPN-X GUI Language

martedì, 15 marzo 2011

VPN-X provide a function which can help you translate VPN-X GUI(Graphical User Interface) to your language.

You can find the function in VPN-X Server or Client:

(1)Create/Fix Translation: You can choose VPN-X module to translate or fix current translation. The button will invoke Language Resource(Translation) Editor.

(2)Export translation: After translate, you can export all language resource to a zip file.You can submit the zip file to .

BirdsSoft welcomes customer to submit your translation, the email should be included following contents:

  • Your name?
  • What is you changed(add or modified)?
  • Why you changed them?
  • Language Resource zip file exported by VPN-X.

If your translation is good, maybe in next VPN-X version we will include your translation, and your name will be in our contributors list.

(3)Lanaguage Resource Module: There are following  language moudles:about, global, proxy, PageControl, update, vpn. If you want to get full translated VPN-X GUI, you should translate all these modules.

Language Resource(Translation) Editor:

The interface lists all current translations, you can fix the wrong translation easily. If you want to add new language translation, please go "Edit->New Language" or just press Ctrl+L.

After fix or translate the language file, please don't forget to save the changes.

Ultimo aggiornamento mercoledì, 16 marzo 2011

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